Career FAQs

What clothing should I bring with me for my first tour?
Work clothing is provided by the company. All shipboard personnel are provided with coveralls (boiler suits) and top-quality, steel-toed safety shoes. We also provide hard hats, gloves, safety goggles, ear protection, and standard safety gear.

What documents do I need to bring with me for my first tour?
The following documents will be requested at sign on: USCG License, STCW Certificate, Merchant Mariner’s Document (Z-Card), Passport, Fit-for-duty letter (provided after the pre-employment physical), and all training certificates.

Am I eligible for employment if I do not have my Tankerman PIC?
The Tankerman PIC endorsement is required for all Licensed Officer positions; however, this requirement may be waived for new employees until they have met the prerequisites for this endorsement. When a new hire has completed the requirements for Tankerman PIC, that individual will be expected to obtain the required MMD endorsement before returning for the next tour.

What is the company’s travel policy?

The company will provide ground transportation to and from your home airport and the closest airport to the vessel. Or, you can provide your own ground transportation, and we will reimburse you when a valid receipt is submitted.

What is the schedule or rotation for officers?
When you are offered a position, the Marine Personnel Department will specify the terms and duration of the assignment. The position will be specified as a relief or temporary assignment; new employees become eligible for a permanent position after their first 30-day evaluation. Once a permanent position has been offered and accepted, you can arrange a rotation with your relief (60 days on/60 days off, 35/35 for ATBs).